Bad pope touch – Freedom Feens radio


Alien vs. Predator

James Babb, Lousander Feen and Michael W. Dean.

MWD used the $39.99 Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB Microphone.’s_laws#Celine.27s_First_Law


The Freedom Feens is covered by a BipCot No-Government License This allows re-use by anyone except governments. Learn more at
annie 2
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4 Responses to Bad pope touch – Freedom Feens radio

  1. State Puft Marshmallow Man says:

    Michael, What is the name or model of the radio transmitter your working on? I used to assemble SMD electronics, best to have a binocular microscope especially for the pepper flake sized resistors.

  2. Pope'srighthandchild says:

    Obviously the man who dines with gold everything in his palace, wears a pointy hat, doesn’t have sex and gest 10% of billions of peoples income has a pretty elaborate shtick going. I don’t trust anyman who says he doesn’t need to get laid.
    I love this band… *band spam*

  3. Ian says:

    I love the picture for Alien vs Predator.

    I was trying to have a conversation with a friend regarding the current pope on Tuesday. At the moment of the conversation I was trying to be diplomatic and say I could probably have a chili cheese burger with the man and we would get along just fine. Immediately after saying it I regretted it and was bothered by it for the next twelve hours.

    The pope leads one of the worst organizations in the world, if not THE worst and I think he might be an alright guy without the vestments and trappings?

    There is no way he is an alright guy. If he was an alright guy he would not be pope. It is the same argument for good cops. People like to say not all cops are bad and some have to be good. If they were good they would not be cops. I am willing to concede some cops are less bad than others, but saying they are good, that is taking it too far.

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