Dead-Finger Party Mix Tape – Freedom Feens radio


Dead-Finger Party Mix Tape

Derrick J Freeman, Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean.

Cults, Memento Mori, Blair Fish Project, LolBerts, is Jeffery Tucker gay?, Lou visits GCN and more!


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1 Response to Dead-Finger Party Mix Tape – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Ikefeen says:

    The statist walking dead fans are getting their panties in a bunch cause the new show fear the walking dead is portraying the military in a negative light. So many buty hurt statists, makes me happy.

    Thoughts on Salazar torturing the soldier? Seems to be the hot-button issue right now in the show.

    I’m enjoying the general anti-state vibe in getting from the show. Might just be a coincidence, I hope it continues.

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