Bomb’s 1986 demo tape, “17 Reasons Why”










No live shows this weekend or Sunday night, we’re playing three classic Ben Stone Bad Quaker talks on the radio. So for your dancing and dining pleasure this weekend, have some classic Bomb from 1986.

From a review somewhere: “Bomb’s first demo – four songs recorded in 1986 as precursors to their first LP, To Elvis from Hell. At the time, the band was a trio consisting of bassist/vocalist/lyricist Michael Dean, guitarist/vocals JAY MORGAN CRAWFORD and drummer/lyricist TONY FAG. Here, Bomb is at their sparsest, but the songs, all future Bomb staples, are still as sexy and psychedelic as they would become on future recordings.”

Engineered by Dave Bach.

I’m Not Restless
I Loved You Then I Died



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