Interview with MWD’s dad


No live show today, it’s a classic Ben Stone episode on radio. So for your listening pleasure, here’s the interview Neema and I did with my dad a few years ago. He’s still alive, and 94. Here’s a pic of him last week visiting some place with my brother:


^Michael and his Dad in Cheyenne, Oct 22, 2012.

Michael Dean gets a visit from his groovy 91-year old Dad, Jack. Jack talks with Michael and Neema about the silver standard, growing up as a depression farm boy drinking raw milk and shooting guns, that skunk FDR, all about starting businesses, helping neighbors in the good ole days, how government regulation has negatively affected business, Dean ancestors who were freedom fighters and government workers and archbishops, why he wants to vote for Ron Paul, why Obama’s feet stink, and where America is headed.

^Jack podcasts.

^Michael’s Dad’s Mother’s brother (Michael’s great uncle), Harry Vidal in 1930.

^Dad’s target from yesterday. His age: 91. Outdoor temp: 29 degrees. Caliber: .22. Distance: 25 yards. First time he’d used a scoped rifle in many decades. High shots were before I told him to adjust for my zero. On-target shots are after that.

This is an archive of The Freedom Feens Agenda live call-in show, on Adam Curry’s network, No Agenda Global Radio.

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