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MWD, Jim Jesus, and Nick Hazelton yak across the lightyears about Chris Crisco, diamond cartels, and hippie shoes. The Rotary Club is awesome and so is Dead Kennedy’s Frankenchrist. And Adam Ruins Everything.

Chris Crisco gets kicked out of Amtrack “Quiet Car” for breaking the only rule

Mises.org on the DaBeers Cartel

Even the New York Times hates TOMS Shoes

You know those people at work who ask you to save your sodacan tabs? Don’t bother!

Libertarians in Favor of Taxing Stephan Kinsella Only

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2 Responses to If You Love It, Put a Yak Under It – Freedom Feens Radio

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  2. Jon says:

    Jesus never said that money was the root of all evil.

    The apostle Paul wrote in the First Epistle to Timothy that “the love of silver is a root of all the evils…” but he was talking about specific evils mentioned in the previous verses about certain apostates rather than all evils in general.

    Jesus did say that you cannot serve two masters, God and Mammon. Mammon in Aramaic probably literally means “that in which one trusts,” and generally but not always refers to goods that one trusts others would accept in payment, i.e,, money.

    The point was definitely not that money is evil though, but that money is a useful tool that become dangerous when confused with one’s ultimate goals.

    Even in the voluntary communist phase of the early Church, Christians still sold stuff in order to donate money rather than merely giving gifts in kind.

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