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Lousander Feen, Randy England, James Babb and Michael W. Dean discuss Jury Nullification, James Babb’s latest FIJA encounter, The Super Scary Halloween Revolt, and the new conspiracy theory: Gov-hating radio host gets life-threatening illness the very MONTH Obamacare becomes law. Radio host gets insurance,




Read these horrifying comments (near bottom, comments section) from old conservative state-lickers in response to a probably made-up (by the State) threat on cops.…/fbi-issues-ominous-halloween-w…/ These are the people most likely to serve on juries, by the way.

Lou on the BipCot-covered Seeds of Liberty podcast: Audio. Video.


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  2. Jon says:

    I have been called for jury duty. Is there anything in particular I do to prepare to nullify whatever laws might be relevant?

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