The Freedom Feens needs money or it will be no more

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(No live shows this weekend, both days on radio we’re re-playing classic Bad Quaker podcasts.)


So, I’ve been running this show since May 2011. Freedom Feens is a labor of love, and overall in that time I’ve lost money. Thousands of dollars. I try to break even, but end up spending money on needed gear, renting streaming servers, buying microphones for new hosts, getting gear to part-15 micro-radio stations, helping develop software like FeenPhone to improve liberty, or making fun Feens buttons and liberty buttons to give away at events, and just general day-to-day expenses.

It was OK for the first three years, but this past year my health has been declining due to life-threatening asthma and allergies. Medical expenses have wiped out our savings, and I still haven’t asked for a cent from our listeners. But I’m also barely able to work now, yet still running the Feens daily.

We don’t sell ads because we don’t want to sound like we’re endorsing everything that comes along. That is embarrassing when shows do it, and I feel it waters down the message. We donate our ad space free to great time-tested liberty organizations that make a difference (like and

I work nearly full-time for free on the Feens. It actually ends up costing me money. I can’t keep this up with my health and health care expenses as they are.

I hate admitting this dire situation, I’ve kept it to myself for years, and as I said, it was OK until my health deteriorated. But I’m telling the embarrassing truth…we need to have listeners up the regular donations – from almost nothing to something – or the Feens are going to be no more.

Click the spinning coin below to see how to donate via PayPal or Bitcoin.

Thank you for your service!

(I’m going to re-post this notice on the site any time we play a replay on the radio and don’t have a new MP3 for the site.)

–Michael W. Dean.

Donating gets you on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption!


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2 Responses to The Freedom Feens needs money or it will be no more

  1. Craig says:

    Thank you for the buttons. Totally unexpected. My wife already claimed the sheep.

    • MichaelWDean says:


      We spread buttons because of what I know from 80s punk rock: Buttons stick around for decades. Probably longer than I will.


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