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So you want to earn your nerd merit badge, keep the Feens drone proof and get on the Golden Blockchain of Redemption?

So, this is so cool….Sean our Torrent guy and I have set up a torrent feed for all Freedom Feens and Michael Dean After Dark episodes, Anarchy Gumbo episodes and our music and movies. AND, you’ll get new things before everyone else who isn’t using the torrent link!

It works automatically, it’s completely legal (for now), and seeding will get you on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption by helping make the Feens’ media drone proof when it BECOMES illegal, which could be any day now, the way the Central Scrutinizer is stepping up its tyranny. Seed if you want, but at least have them. So if we get droned, or the site gets CISPAed, you can turn the torrents back on and start sharing.



Those are:

If you want to just copy and paste them.

The Bad Quaker torrent feed is here:



You insert both into uTorrent (one at a time) and it will AUTOMATICALLY download all the episodes you don’t have, and new ones, once a week every Sunday.

And remember, being in our torrent club gets you on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption!


You copy the Feens torrent link to your clipboard. Then open uTorrent, and over on the left, single left click on “Feeds.” Then Right Click on Feeds, and choose “Add RSS Feed.”

The feed URL should already be in there if it’s on your clipboard. If not, paste it in to the Feed URL space (after deleting the http:// that shows up automatically). Then in the same dialogue box, under “Subscriptions”, change it to “Automatically download all items published in feed”, and click the OK button.

If you’ve never downloaded Feens with uTorrent before, it will start downloading all of them. It may queue some for after the first bunch are done. If you’ve downloaded before, and have some of them, it will only download the ones you don’t have. And when we add new episodes to our Feens Torrent RSS feed, uTorrent will automatically download the new episodes. Easy, fun and breezy!

Add both Feens Feeds, and it will look like this in the program:



If you plan to seed, DO NOT remove the completed torrent listings from your downloads list, or people cannot download these files from you anymore, unless you re-download all of them and then leave the torrent listings intact. I didn’t include this fact in the original post, because I thought it was obvious. But we had one fan write us who deleted them and wondered why no one was connecting to him, so I added this part.


Want to contribute to liberty but short on cash? You can help the Freedom Feens without even spending a post-1964 dime.

Download uTorrent (free) and start seeding Freedom Feens episodes and Anarchy Gumbo episodes. We also recommend running PeerBlock (free) while you’re running uTorrent. And when you install uTorrent, chose the option NOT accept the add-ons and toolbar when it asks you. Leave your computer on seeding the torrents, while you’re at work or asleep. Make sure if you leave your computer on 24/7 that you reboot it every few days.


uTorrent adds cheesy ads. Some look confusing, like this one (if you see this one or anything like it, do NOT click on it, it won’t likely do what it says it does):

1-ignore lies

There’s an article on removing ALL the ads from uTorrent, HERE.

I do torrent seeding and sharing of all Feens, Michael Dean After Dark and all the Feens movies and music using an old XP laptop on a table in the corner of the living room. I have it outside of my bedroom so the fan won’t keep me up at night. I have the screen timeout set up to shut off after two minutes of not using the mouse, to save power. I also have it set up to NOT shut off or hibernate when the lid is shut. (Settings for all this: right click desktop, go to properties/power. Or go to Power from the Control Panel.)

Then access the options in uTorrent from Options/Preferences:

Click Install IPv6 / Teredo:


Change the rest of the settings as shown in these images:


Change the settings to what you see here:





(These directions are for the program ruTorrent, used in many Linux seedboxes. But there is an equivalent similar operation in almost all Torrent programs. In uTorrent it’s under Options/Preferences/BitTorrent.)

Click on the little gear icon at the top of the program. Then go into sittings/BitTorrent, and click the Enable DHT Network tick box, and the Peer Exchange tick bock. Hit “OK.”




To automatically download all items on the RSS feed, right-click on All Feeds over on the left side of the program. Then left-click RSS Manager to open up the filter settings. Click “Add”, this will add a new filter. in the “Filter” space, add this text, copied and pasted exactly:
You can then either pick the Feens RSS feed, or leave it as All Feeds. Hit OK, and you’re good to go.

click on all feeds, go to RSS manager, add filter
Doing this solved some issues on one seedbox with nothing working, and solved issues on another seedbox only working on some torrents.
In uTorrent, it’s called “RSS Downloader” and you’ll access it by right-clicking “feeds” over on the left of the program. It should look like this when set up properly:
You don’t need to hit “save” or “OK” in uTorrent (there IS no “save” or “OK” in this window in uTorrent). But after you enter the filter, hit “Close” in the bottom right of this window. Then open it back up and you’ll need to left click once on “New Filter” over on the left to see what you’ve added. Notice that I’ve also added my download location in the “Save In” field.

I set up the scheduler to NOT upload during times I need my full pipe, like when I’m doing my shows:


Here’s a YouTube video on using the scheduler.

As of 4/5/14, the entirety of the media on the Feens torrent RSS is 50 gigs (it was more, but I pruned it and deleted all the single episode entries that are also included in archives, and left the archive entries.) It took me 11 hours to do the initial download. With the torrent RSS feed inserted in uTorrent, new episodes upload seamlessly in the background. Except when doing my shows, where full bandwidth is mission-critical, using my full pipe to seed torrents is not noticeable, even when watching HD videos for hours on YouTube.

If you have torrent throtteling on your ISP, you can get around it by using Boleh VPN, and setting it to one of the Fully Routed servers. Using Boleh on one computer will not affect the IP and settings of other computers on the same router.


Here is a list of torrent programs and their features. Find yours on there and check the column called “Broadcatching (RSS).” It will say if that feature is supported for your program. If it is and you can’t figure out where to insert the RSS feed, a quick Google search of “RSS” plus “(the name of your torrent program)” will usually lead you to a page that will show you how. (Note: Transmission, the default torrent client in most GNU/Linux installations, does NOT have the RSS feature at this time. If you have Transmission and don’t want to install a different torrent program, you should be able to add the feed into the Live Bookmarks of your browser, and click on new items to manually download…When you click on an item, it will open up Transmission automatically and begin downloading.)

TROUBLESHOOTING: If the feeds don’t work for you,…. It works on Boleh seedbox and on home servers. May have been because some of the Feens ones have trackers and some seedboxes forbid that. Or could be because some of them do NOT have trackers, and that requires DHT, most seedboxes turn it off by default. Try the Bad Quaker ones, they do not have trackers. If that works, you have your answer. Worms.

Thank you folks, and you’re doing a very good thing by spreading liberty and Feens media to the world. Remember, the more you seed the Feens, the more the State gnashes its teeth and fails.


p.s. If you have torrent questions about Feens torrents that aren’t answered here, please send an e-mail. (Don’t ask us about any non-legal torrents, we dunno about that.)

31 thoughts on “Torrents

  1. I am not sure why but I run Microsoft Security Essentials and it keeps popping up saying that the file “FFP-469-474\Torrenting the feens to keep it drone proof 2.doc” is in some way malicious, I’m sure this is false flag, but I can’t figure out how to get stupid MSE to ignore it, it is only giving me the option to quarantine it… ugh!!!

    1. lol. That Word doc does not have a virus (scan it with another program, like Norton.) Microsoft Security Essentials considers anything to do with torrenting to be a “virus”, because Bill Gates.

      1. no, I know there’s no funny business in the .doc… I just couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get MSE to ignore the damn thing… lol… torrible crap the microsoft shtuff!

  2. Another note to add after coming back here to start sharing Feens torrents again. Personally I would selectively choose to only allow P2P exchange, DHT Network open, and Local Peer Discovery open for Feens torrents. As for other torrents you are seeding/upping…well, only you know where those are from. It is your judgement call on the choice. There is zero harm in leaving all open for Feens torrents.

    Do selectively choose you can do this by reversing the directions given to you above and then by clicking on torrent> trackers> right-click>check or uncheck your selection.

  3. I am running Ubuntu and am having a problem adding your seed file to qBittorrent. Any suggestions?

  4. I’m looking for more info on how to create/maintain the rss/torrent feed for my own podcast. Havn’t found anything yet detailing this, do you have any handy link ?

    I’m seeding and of course listening

  5. The feed only provides me with the most recent 60 episodes. How do I get them all from episode 1 using torrents?

  6. Right, I had a question about this:

    I already have a steady archive of Feens going way back. I did a test and copied some files into the folder where I’m torrenting from, then added the magnet links to my client (Transmission) to see if they would start seeding automatically. Instead, it’s re-downloading the files. Does anyone know of a way around this without having to re-download everything?

    1. Yeah, I’ve had the same experience with torenting. Can’t get it to not do that. I do know that if it WERE to work, it would have to be EXACTLY the same files, like not even a single character different in the file name, etc. Because the Torrent’s hash file is based on EXACTLY what it’s looking for. I know from making torrents you add even a tiny text file to a folder, the torrent won’t work and you have to make a new torrent. But yeah, if you figure out a workaround for this, let me know and I’ll make it public. I’m convinced there isn’t one.


  7. I’m going to do this. But first, Should I leave the “Yes. Install μTorrent Control for Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Chrome™” box checked? The one that comes up when I hover over download. I want nothing else other than what I need to seed your podcasts.

  8. If you’re really in to blocking IPs while running a torrent clinet you can one up Peer Guardian by using Block List Manager. My current set up blocks 2.1billion IPs. Google for “blue tack internet security solutions”. I’ve moved from Peer Guardian to this. I like it!

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