KINX 102.7 FM. Great Falls, MT. 93,300 watts. Sundays 6-8 PM.  Coverage map.

KNOX  1310 AM. Grand Forks, ND. 5000 watts.  Sat mornings 4 AM-5 AM Coverage map. Listen link.

KENN 1390 AM. Farmington, NM. 5,000 watts. Saturdays 7-9 PM Coverage map. Listen link.

KVLI 1140 AM. Lake Isabella, CA. 1,000 watts. Saturdays 10 AM-1 PM, Sundays 2 PM-4 PM. Coverage map.

KVOC 1230 AM. Casper, WY. 1,000 watts. Saturdays and Sundays 2-4 PM. Coverage map. Listen link.

KDGO 1240 AM. Durango, CO. 1000 watts. Saturdays and Sundays 3-5 PM. Coverage map. Listen link.

KSZL 1230 AM. Barstow, CA. 1000 watts. LIVE. Saturdays and Sundays 10 AM-Noon. Coverage map.

KRSY 1230 AM. Alamogordo, NM. 1000 watts. LIVE Saturdays 11 AM- 1 PM.  Coverage map.

KRFE 580 AM. Lubbock, TX.  500 watts. Sunday, 2 AM-4 AM. Coverage map. Listen link.

WQXL 95.9 FM (W240AX). Columbia, SC. 250 watts. Sundays 10 PM – Midnight. Coverage map. Listen link.

KNOX  107.9 FM (K300BG-FM). Grand Forks, ND. 250 watts. Sat mornings 4 AM-5 AM Coverage map. Listen link.

WQXL 1470 AM. Columbia, SC. 100 watts. Sundays 10 PM – Midnight. Coverage map. Listen link.

KENN 92.1 FM (K221DJ). Farmington, NM. 101 watts. Saturdays 7-9 PM Coverage map. Listen link.


(More will be listed here as they come.) INFO FOR PROGRAM DIRECTORS IS HERE.

Freedom Feens are syndicated for radio on Genesis Communications Network. You can listen live on select radio stations or on the streaming feed. this one is higher quality and will play on some players).

The show is Noon-2 PM Central Time every Saturday and Sunday.  And Midnight-2 AM every Monday – Friday.

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13 Responses to RADIO STATIONS

  1. DAVID HOLDEN says:


    Contacted you a long time ago about your punk-rock movie making method book. Still have it! Contacting you now about a Part 15 station I’m kicking around in STL. With my email address, would you please drop me a line and give permission to broadcast your show? I’ll gladly take it as-is, warts and ads too, and re-broadcast it with permission.

  2. Dave says:


    Radio Carabao 99.9 FM in Manila, Philippines is our LRN affiliate outside the US. We are on the air about 18 hours a day, but we hope to be on 24 hours when our new internet service is installed this week. See my website to look at our new vertical antenna on the TV tower.


    Dave in Mandaluyong City

  3. Just an FYI to let you know that I am carrying your shows on my Low Power, FCC Part 15, AM radio station. TalkRadio 1620 KTFL in Gilbert, Arizona. Please add my station to your Part 15 list.

  4. RadioN00B says:

    Would it be possible to listen to WRIK 750 AM. Paducah, KY from Louisville, KY? Shortwave or something without spending too much? WORMS

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Nope. But it’s a 3-hour drive. You’d be a hella true feen if you took a road trip there next weekend and listened and let us know.

      I’d do it if I lived near there, but I couldn’t because we’re live on the radio there, Saturdays and Sundays Noon-2 PM.


      • RadioN00B says:

        The podCats are great…but I miss listening live with feens chat. Do any of these stations stream live online for those of us not in the coverage areas?

    • MichaelWDean says:

      FTL does:

      Sats and Sundays noon-2 PM central.


  5. Ikefeen says:

    Is there any way to listen to the Wednesday show? Need my fix.

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