Why the new Freedom Feens site has very few pages and only torrents of the episodes

The old web server of the Freedom Feens held the amalgamation of seven years of slathering pile upon Internet pile, of moving from server to server, host to host, adding pages, sections, and entire wings with no rhyme or reason, often without even having links back to any main page.

To add to the fun, different people also worked on it, and most were later fired.

Though there were some cool Feens. You know who you are. Basically if I still talk to you once in a while, or at least tag you, you’re one of the good ones.

FreedomFeens.com really had become the Winchester Mystery House of the Internet. Moving it without hundreds of things breaking was impossible.

So I started over, here….On a faster server, with this archive site, at the same old URL you’ve known and loved. It’s only a few pages, only has one audio episode, and has torrent links for the other thousand+ episodes. This means you’ll have to make an effort to get the old episodes. It’s easier for me, and they’ll be torrents, which if you seed them, will keep it around for ever.

But this show is done, finished. It did what it set out to, and did more.

The site is not dying like so many podcast sites that are now 404. Instead of pod-fading and forgetting to pay the domain hosting fee, we’re taxiderming the show’s corpse and propping it up in this simple museum for the edification of the children of the future….and to make you smile.

And really, you should go listen to my new band, BipTunia. If you don’t like one song, try a few others. They’re all very different.

I feel like the Freedom Feens was really just audio production training and social media practice for BipTunia, in my mind. Because I’m not very into living in the past. Plus there’s some stuff coming out of my mouth, and the mouths of others, on this podcast that I no longer co-sign. (More on that here.)

I’m still a libertarian, but I’m not like most of them anymore. And most of them wouldn’t have a good argument against that, they’d just parrot something they’ve heard, call me a statist, and say “muh flag”, even though I’m not a flag licker.

But nor am I not a religious freak adhering to the religion of AnCapistan. I want to spend time talking with people who have more to say in life than “TAXATION IS THEFT!”

Taxation is theft,  but a lot of libertarian / AnCap / voluntarists talk about NOTHING ELSE but how much they hate the state. It gets quite tiring.

I think a lot of them might actually be incapable of talking about anything else. It reminds me of how a lot of recovering alcoholics talk about nothing but alcohol.

It’s funny; a lot of what drives me nuts with AnCaps parroting stuff, is that the stuff they’re parroting is actually trickled down from the Feens saying the same things starting in 2011. I’ve heard people I don’t know, who don’t listen to the Feens, quoting the Feens. It’s in the air, and part of it is my fault.

I’m not saying I invented liberty, but the 1131 episodes of the Freedom Feens (and our movie Guns and Weed the Road to Freedom) did a good bit to push hardcore liberty a bit into being popular.

By “hardcore liberty”, I mean macho libertarian flash. You know, yelling (and believing) “Heroin and guns should be sold in vending machines at grade school” instead of calmly saying “We should decriminalize guns and loosen gun ownership laws.” That was not common in 2011 when we started the show. Every episode we did had that attitude….on a podcast and on syndicated radio for 1131 episodes. This helped macho libertarian flash go permanently viral. The Freedom Feens was one of about three libertarian podcasts when we started. There are hundreds now.

And with a lot of them, I taught the hosts how to get good audio on not much money. Partially one on one (including buying and giving away good microphones), but partly with outreach like the Creamy Radio Audio tutorial site, and by co-inventing FeenPhone.

Also, there were 70+ episodes of my Anarchy Gumbo podcast, then I lost money on a few years of running Cuss-Free Liberty (a syndicated streaming station built to bring squares into the cult). And for a while, “Michael Dean After Dark” was on the airwaves in the middle of the night. Plus I hosted various relentless campaigns of pointing out the scammers in the liberty community, years before other people caught on to the fact that those people were sleazy. Made a lot of enemies with that.

So basically, we helped create a monster, and now I’m bored with that monster. So now when some child comes at me with pushy macho libertarian flash, parroting things he got from someone who got it from someone who got it from someone who got it from me, I have better things to do than talk to that person.

It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it’s time to move on. So stop genuflecting to your framed photo of Lysander Spooner for a minute and go listen to some BipTunia.

If you like it, tell two friends.


-Michael W. Dean

p.s. If you are a newly minted libertarian (yes, that’s a Feens phrase), at least read Boston T. Party and Claire Wolfe. They were living hardcore liberty 30 years ago, and have a lot more style than your favorite collapsitarian YouTubers who film themselves walking into a police station open carrying rifles while wearing body armor and think it’s useful activism.

Also, a lot of your favorite hipster collapsitarian YouTubers would probably not last a week in the boogaloo. They’d quickly realize that one rifle and a lot of training beats 40 rifles and very little real training.

Also, as Boston said “own guns quietly.” I’m pretty sure that when you pose on Facebook and Instagram and Facebook and Twitter with your guns, you’re basically registering your guns.

p.p.s. If you own 50 guns but no Geiger counter, sell your crappiest gun and get a Geiger counter + some ore to test it: https://biptunia.com/?p=7646