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CLOWNS TO THE LEFT OF ME JOKERS TO THE RIGHT…but NOT stuck in the middle. Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about Capitalism vs. Corporatism, metrosexuals, male feminists, libertarian feminists, autonomous zones, Sealand, left-anarchy vs. Anarcho-Capitalism, on NOT calling the cops on your neighbors, Larken Rose and The Tiny Dot, The United Nations’ Agenda 21, why Republicans should hate George W. Bush, FIGHTING the evil “Delphi Method“, Propagandhi, Fat Wreck Chords, Fugazi, the problem with labor unions, The Global Marijuana March, why gun control gets women raped, how owning guns can improve your digital audio recordings, and the wonders of the Zoom H2 “studio on a stick.”

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Michael Dean and Neema Vedadi wax poetic about how three-strikes laws get cops shot, horizontal enforcement of society’s nanny rules, how everyone in Wyoming is a militia member by LAW, Wyoming Barbies, “videotaping this crime spree is the best idea we’ve ever had!”, who should have a gun and who shouldn’t, why the State of Delaware was stealing basketball hoops on private property, why hip-hop is libertarian, medical marijuana and gun rights, why hip-hop artists getting are always getting busted for guns and weed, the joys of KILLDOZER ownership, why licensing is immoral, why there should be no speed limits, how a libertarian paradise would lead to post-scarcity, and why the 1970 book Future Shock has come true!

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi read and discuss some poison-pen crap against Michael and against liberty written by some true-believer  San Francisco liberals who are having a mid-life crisis. Then M and N read excerpts from the anti-libertarian hit-piece “Top-Ten Jobs in a Libertarian Paradise” and debunk it item by item. They hope that the government WILL shut down, they talk about why the state-worshiping left and the right think libertarians are crazier than they think the left and right are, how to reduce the carbon emissions of public schools by tearing them down and planting trees, and how to find and make a free state whether it’s in New Hampshire, Wyoming, or just in your own home. They give tips on how to block bad people from your life online and off – to increase the amount of liberty in your life. They discuss the First Amendment, the KGB, secular-humanist sharia, and what things would REALLY be like in a libertarian paradise, and tell you how we can get there from here.

(Image at top: liberty lover J-Tizzle)

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The Declaration of Independence, a Line in the Sand

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Another short between-episodes treat, Michael and Neema talk about the coolest founding document in American history, then we hear it read by the sultry-voiced Debra Jean Dean.

Notice the litany of charges the Founding Fathers made against the King of England, and notice how our current American government is currently doing ALL THAT AND MORE.

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Freedom of Ingestion – Dueling

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A between-episode-treat – two short hip-hop punk songs written and performed by Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi from the movie “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom.” Available for sale on Amazon but released free to our wonderful subscribers to show our appreciation.


Words and Music Copyright 2010 Neema V. and Right Arm of Wyoming (Michael W. Dean)

Hello freedom fiends!
It’s your boy, Neem
from the US, get the US
out my bloodstream!

I own me and that
includes endorphins.
No, I won’t ask permission
and I won’t say please!

Freedom fans, one fact
that I gotta make clear is:
If you ain’t about your heater
than you’re nothing but a THEORIST!

You can read and type,
but when the jackers coming
I know you’ll lose the fight
on your ass with your thumb in!

Senatorial page: Good morning Senator! Here’s your coffee!
Senator: Thanks, I’ll need it. I have so many laws
to write before November.
Senatorial page: I’m so excited!
Senator: You should be. A slim majority lets me tell EVERYONE
what to do.

Freedom of ingestion!
It’s more than a suggestion!
And though it ain’t a question
but those hos just keep oppressing.
And so we teaching lessons
for those with chiefin sessions
and those with Smith & Wessons

DUELING (Don’t Try This at Home!)
Words and Music Copyright 2010 Neema V. and Right Arm of Wyoming (Michael W. Dean)

Regulations are some fake laws
Stealin’ and killin’ are the real crimes
But flippin’ dimes will get you real time.
It’s a pity that the they skew the difference.

Schools ain’t cures,
for sure
they always work against us!

I’m cool with you dueling
much more cool than
public schooling.
To duel is voluntary,
school’s a part-time prison.
Unlike a duel,
school is not your decision


You know what else isn’t?

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Leave Me Alone Where the Buffalo Roam

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Episode 2, our official April Fool’s Day launch! (NO JOKE!)

Michael and Neema talk about how the government AND your some of your neighbors try to keep you from getting the right MEDICINE for what ails you – even if you have cancer, how that kind of central planning worked out in Communist Europe, “doing whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody”, the value of making money and letting nature take its course with market corrections and EVERYTHING, growing up and out of Communism, Middle Easterners vs. the Soviets, why the “government friend finder” wouldn’t work, what to do about the wife beater upstairs, non-government restraining orders, walking naked across the college campus, guns, weed, how to declare your home a sovereign micronation, writing letters to the president, cool quote from our good friend Warren Kruse, how “registering” anything is becoming a business partner with an unfriendly entity, the libertarian self-help book A USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, and keeping a positive attitude in an increasingly horrible world.

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A forest of hope for liberty

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Our first podcast episode! Yay! Michael and Neema talk about the wonders of the Internet for liberty, how they made their “guns and weed” movie, good laws vs. bad laws, good cops vs. bad cops, how to find your place in the world, how to not go nuts watching the news, Ron and Rand Paul, how ordinary people make themselves agents of the state, why public schools are sometimes worse than rape, the immorality of the drug war, Christian sharia, the pros and cons of renting a prostitute, Obama’s Nanny Czar Cass Sunstein, Washington (State AND DC) Vs. Wyoming, trying to find a Free State, and then Neema gives his thoughts on how the world is getting better, not worse.

(This episode released a couple days early, all the ones after this will be released on Friday around dinner time, Wyoming time.)

Also, for snickers and giggles, check out the video archive of Michael Dean ranting about “There’s no such thing as half-free” from the Agora I/O un-conference last weekend.


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Laughing while western civilization collapses