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1-Hour Journalism School – Freedom Feens radio

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The Freedom Feens take an hour to explain all the useful stuff they used to teach in college and even high school before that was all replaced with majoring in feelings.

Topics include:

MWD’s 3 radio rules:

  1. Watch the clock
  2. Don’t bury the lead
  3. Be ready to catch.

Also covered are:

Then the last few minutes are covered by a trolley problem of “Would you call the police if you heard someone being tortured inside a house?” THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU! FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

Make Your Own Liberty Radio Station for $120 – Guest post by Cash Newmann, 2017 update

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Operation Paperclip: Identifying the Signs of King Baby Syndrome

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MK Lords (“she who cannot be named”), Michael W. Dean and Davi Barker show how social justice warrior Chris Cantwell has all the signs of King Baby Syndrome. (And he’s a joke-stealing hack.)

Cantwell’s most common defenses against valid critique, in no particular order;

* I’m more famous than you, you want to ride on my coat tails
* You want to raise your Facebook/YouTube/website clicks so you get more revenue/fame
* You’re jealous of me
* You’re a liberal / Left Libertarian
* You’re a pacifist / coward
* You’re a Lezbo and / or feminist who secretly wants me (his blanket attack against any female)


Signs of King Baby Syndrome:
  • Belief that their needs come first and foremost without concern for others
  • Having blinders on when it comes to the perspectives of others
  • “My way or the highway” attitudes
  • Extreme arrogance
  • Dependency, but wanting to appear fiercely independent
  • Acquisition of money and possessions to prove worth
  • The need for continual validation
  • Catastrophizing events
  • Feeling misjudged and underappreciated
  • Expressions of superiority that mask insecurity
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Egoic pride
  • Lack of trust
  • Entitlement
  • Expecting to be treated with deference
  • campimg-45093-20100212-1

Also: anti-corporate anti-IP Stefan Molyneux forms a corporation and registers a trademark.

And why you should never ever use the WordPress plug-in “WP Super Cache.”

And some fun stories from Walker Stalker Con.

Note: MK’s audio drop outs were because she was running FeenPhone wireless (not recommended) rather than wired.

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