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Yak Lives Matter. Episode 1200 – Freedom Feens radio show

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Lou, Dianna, and Nick catch up on old times and discuss growing yaks in greenhouses, Dianna’s new podcast, ribs chicken, and Porcupines. In the second hour, they discuss how chaos is the result of attempting to impose order and how state socialism has destroyed Venezuela.

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Kid Rock running for office is one of the 7 signs of the end times – Freedom Feens podcast

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Radio is somehow broken tonight, so radio plays a replay of the Freedom Feens while Michael records Dianna and Jeremy from Michael’s end doing an old-fashioned groovy podcast.

Michael forgets what input he’s plugged into with his new synthesizer, and goes through the user’s manual learning the controls while accidentally recording it over the show here and there. lol. But hey, all the audio’s good on that and the talking. Worms!

This episode has no ads, no intros, no outros, no music (except synth noodling), this truly is a very special Freedom Feens episode….that did NOT get broadcast.

Jeremy digs deep into his soul about his future, then I’m not sure what else was discussed.

Worms. — MWD

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We’re all Wormkin now – Freedom Feens radio

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Lisa, Bradon, Shane B. discuss journeys to liberty/things we said when we were statists, Grigg/Tom Joad article, Cop/Satan article, Man arrested for drawing and collecting blood in an abandoned DC apartment, Gish Gallop logical fallacy and Supreme Court Lexmark printer decision.

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Lenny Bruce wasn’t funny – Freedom Feens radio

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Stop Snitchin’ V!

MWD, James and Veloschka lay it down hard about what’s real and why you’re wrong. Topics include “#StopSnitchingV!”, Is MWD V’s dad? (it’s possible if not likely), V’s mom enjoyed music, evidence that Facebook invented the current rash of Flat-Earth conspiracy belief (allegedly), the Casper, Wyoming Taco Bell order box guy who’s “Livin’ the dream”, and the amazing book that you should buy RIGHT NOW, Hardcore Self-Defense.

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Let he who has never violated the NAP cast the first dox – Freedom Feens Radio

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Lisa DeLasho, Jeremy Heisenkitten, and Michael W Dean talk about baby monitors, purring kitties, Linux snobs, and some departing/arriving Feens before extensively discussing the recent case of a Libertarian Party figure losing her job due to a self-righteous jerk doxing and narking her out, thus acting like the cops, and a liberal, at the same time.

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YOU EVER GET HACKED AND LOSE 81 BITCOIN? My friend did – Freedom Feens radio

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My buddy lost about $79,000 worth of Bitcoin from not taking simple precautions. Tonight we explain how it happened and the simple precautions you can take to NOT have this happen to you, with Bitcoin or ANYTHING on your computer.

All details and addresses of the hack in this post: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1776091.msg17714516#msg17714516

In this episode we tell what happened, and how to not have it happen to you. ( Wormanomics in One Lesson.)

MWD, Lou and Dianna discuss all this and more.

Best book on keeping your Bitcoin secure

Intentionally ugly paper wallets for Bitcoin (and other coins) – Security through obscurity, punk rock style.

Also, how you should know who Steve Bannon is.


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What’s the hash rate, Kenneth? – Freedom Feens radio

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Bradon gets droned off the air for libertarian crimes against the nature and physics of radio and the Internet. So MWD, Nikki, and Jeremy talk about GG Allin and the Day Nikki lost her virginity (she did NOT lose her virginity to GG Allin.) The plans for extraction to Alpha-Centauri to avoid the State are discussed, cats in general are praised, and it turns out that maybe the stellar F-ups (allegedly) Bitpark Coin may do the right thing after all, eventually.

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