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New from Intergalactic Prairie Studios – 2018 roundup


Free app for BipTunia, Android only. Streams every one of our songs, will be updated. Check it out and please review on Google play, and please share: All BipTunia music. Listen here, and review on Amazon or iTunes  ( don’t need to buy, you just…

“$30 Film School: 3rd Edition, 2018 Kindle Edition” – published by JIP Productions


For immediate release (BEASTLICK, WY) Now on JIP Publications. Michael W. Dean’s classic 2003 DIY how-to book, sold 100,000 copies, updated for 2018. First time on Kindle too, get it here (and read almost 200 reviews of first two editions): 7 dollars (original was…

When trying to solve problems creates bigger problems, or. The fallacy of technology worship.


Why do people demand the impossible? Because that is a big part of what drives humanity forward! Wishing for the impossible is an inevitable consequence of the human condition. If it wasn’t for imagination, determination, our intelligence and ability to use tools better than any…

Keep pets from moving their dishes – a quick, easy and inexpensive how-to


                      PROBLEM: Does your cat or dog constantly move their water or food dish? There are lots of reasons this can happen: craving attention, not wanting to put their head in a narrow bowl where…

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