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New from Intergalactic Prairie Studios – 2018 roundup


Free app for BipTunia, Android only. Streams every one of our songs, will be updated. Check it out and please review on Google play, and please share: All BipTunia music. Listen here, and review on Amazon or iTunes  ( don’t need to buy, you just…

“$30 Film School: 3rd Edition, 2018 Kindle Edition” – published by JIP Productions


For immediate release (BEASTLICK, WY) Now on JIP Publications. Michael W. Dean’s classic 2003 DIY how-to book, sold 100,000 copies, updated for 2018. First time on Kindle too, get it here (and read almost 200 reviews of first two editions): 7 dollars (original was…

Keep pets from moving their dishes – a quick, easy and inexpensive how-to


                      PROBLEM: Does your cat or dog constantly move their water or food dish? There are lots of reasons this can happen: craving attention, not wanting to put their head in a narrow bowl where…

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