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The Feens have FINALLY reached gear perfection…


…with my purchase of the pee-pee kitty radio atomic clock for over the turlet. Pix above. Now I can take frequent pee pee kitty breaks while doing live radio with the Freedom Feens without having to rush back to look at the radio atomic clock…

How to keep cats off your electronic gear for 8 dollars


by Michael W. Dean There’s a growing problem in our society that no government or law can solve (like all problems). The problem is cats encroaching on electronic gear. Yesterday I spent an hour with Ian Freeman kindly helping me set up a mix minus…

Feen Silver, Laxative Gum, Many More Kitty Pix, and a Scary Photo of Me


^ Nearly a troy pound of silver that Kevin sent the Feens. Whee! Thank you! Feen-a-mint laxative gum, from when I was a kid, discussed on today’s cast. ^ Plump-o-beast Charlie napping on the edge of the bed. I moved her before she fell off.

Colored Mic Condoms and Kitties, Oh My!


Neema Vedadi and I have gone through a lot of microphones, pop filters, and all sorts of expensive and complicated ways to get our voices from our head to out in the world. What we’ve finally figured out is that the best solution for is…

“State Speech is Hate Speech” buttons for free!


NOTE: THIS OFFER HAS ENDED. PLEASE GO HERE FOR NEW BUTTON PRICES AND SELECTIONS. We have a very limited number of our new “State Speech is Hate Speech” buttons in gold and black (anarcho-capitalist flag colors!) While they last, if you order 4 Freedom Feens…

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