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New from Intergalactic Prairie Studios – 2018 roundup


Free app for BipTunia, Android only. Streams every one of our songs, will be updated. Check it out and please review on Google play, and please share: All BipTunia music. Listen here, and review on Amazon or iTunes  ( don’t need to buy, you just…

Freedom Feens iPhone app – ready for use before it’s even on the iTunes store.


It will take a month for us to get this on the iTunes store, but it’s passed testing with a bunch of people and you can install it now if you want. Go here: It will ask you to trust the untrusted app (because…

How to allow your iPhone to run the beta of the Freedom Feens iPhone app


Worms! (This is directions for IOS9. For 9.3.5 through any version of IOS10, same, except, use  Settings > General > Device Management. The “profile” bit got changed.) 1) Open the URL from the other post on your iPhone Safari Browser 2) Click the Launch button…

Gun Bloggers rendezvous XI, observations on competition


The first part of September is usually a busy time for me. This year was no exception. Busy but fun excepting an ongoing legal issue which threatens both my finances and my very sanity. I attended the eleventh annual Gun Bloggers Rendezvous and the fifty…

What’s more effective than voting? Just about everything!


      I gotta be honest with ya folks, I really can’t wait till the current (s)election cycle is over. My tolerance level for bullshit is pretty low to begin with, but this year it has fallen to zero. I’m tired of both intelligent…

Chapter five. The apotheosis of dr Drakous. Or shaking the iron hand


Kensho from Aaron Paradox on Vimeo. Mars. I didn’t like coming to Mars. The trip there took a little longer than it should have. The planet was out of the optimal position for a trip from Earth. The Perseus continued on its mission, off to…

A Galaxy Gone Mad. My second novel.


I haven’t been writing here all that much lately. This is one of the reasons why. Enjoy. Chapter one. Awaken Chopped strawberries in vanilla yogurt. As I opened my eyes that morning I could taste it. Simply wonderful. Just the right texture, smooth, slightly tangy…

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