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Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Household Appliances


How did I ever live without this thing? It’s amazing. I am using it on the powered speakers on my flat screen. Works great. Even through the next room, even through walls. Up to 100 feet. Woot! It’s only 12 bucks on Amazon, HERE. You…

Freedom Feens Android App, v1.2 is out! It’s a libertarian re-education camp in your pocket!


Free on here Google Play (please rate and review!) Freedom Feens Android App, v1.2 is out! Update now! Adds MWD’s music and Claire Wofle’s book “RATS: Your guide to protecting yourself against snitches, informers, informants, agents provocateurs, narcs, finks, and similar vermin.”  

Freedom Feens Android App 1.0 is up on Amazon. Free!


Get it HERE: Review it and tell two friends! And tweet and pass it on and all that! =-==-=– It will be up on the Google Play store next week. That takes longer than Amazon. Here’s the radio ad I’m having Dianna record for…

Feen the Homeless – Please donate


These digital MP3 players and the SD card for them cost ten bucks each. We have 30 of them. And some Feen radios. I’ve loaded each of these MP3 players with the last 100 episodes of the Freedom Feens. They will make a cold winter…

SleepyHead – free software for reading CPAP machine data cards


(mini-review by Michael W. Dean) SleepyHead was made by my friend Mark for interpreting and displaying CPAP machine data, but also has an Oxymiter import function. Get SleepyHead for Windows, Mac or Linux free here, (NOT on apnea board, that’s a pirate version that isn’t…

2015 Exploring Psychedelics conference


Psychedelics are an interesting subject matter to me. I spent many of my formative years around Eugene Oregon where. If you have never been there. It is a place where it seems like the overwhelming bulk of people either are or act like they are…

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