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Chapter 32. Mark 33


As Task Force V returned to the Ristavron system in triumph I was met with some good news. A plan had been worked out to conclude operation Canned Sunshine. The cage around the star would be reconfigured from an energy containment device to an energy…

Chapter 21. Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen.


Celebrations went on for days. There was probably a really wild party going on back on Earth. Once I got all of my business in the Durga system ironed out I summoned Harding. He had been out on the ragged edge of known space with…

Chapter 16. Deals rather left undone.


With the capture of the Calixes system one enemy Capitol system remained. The planet Durga in the Fritaris system. It was not going to be an easy target. The Fritaris system was up a blind alley of the web-way system. Before you got to that…

Chapter 15. Goolaprap.


The Goolaprap system was kind of odd. One inhabitable planet orbiting a blue star. No other planets, no asteroid belts. Very little debris, or gas, it was almost like the whole area had been swept clean by some incomprehensibly powerful force. Goolaprap was a rather…

Chapter 14. Trample the weak, hurdle the walrus.


After initial contact with Earth and its allies armed forces had gone so disastrously for the Drankmastarian Empire they had pulled back into a defensive posture. They had outright abandoning several star systems to us. Evidence suggested that they had been irritated by the Horde….

Chapter 11. Not as easy as we thought.


By the time I had gotten back to our new base. The extensive launch facilities of Ristavron 4 had been completely taken over by the fleet. More and more ships were landing and their crews poured out onto the planet. I decided to take a…

Chapter 9. The lion shows its teeth.


A few days went by as the fleet sited anxiously for some kind of an effective plan to move ahead. Once he was satisfied with the performance of the copied web-way keys Drakous packed up and headed back to Earth. He was ill suited to…

Chapter five. The apotheosis of dr Drakous. Or shaking the iron hand


Kensho from Aaron Paradox on Vimeo. Mars. I didn’t like coming to Mars. The trip there took a little longer than it should have. The planet was out of the optimal position for a trip from Earth. The Perseus continued on its mission, off to…

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