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Double feature. Once Were Warriors and Atlas Shrugged part Three


Please pardon my French subtitles, but this is the best trailer for this film I have seen so far. I was born in New Zealand, now when one hears about this country what do you think of? Well, what do you think of if you…

Michael W. Dean on Open-Source Licenses and Operating System Choice for programmers


This is a 21-minute audio essay culled out of a two-hour live Freedom Feens radio show. I took the time to do the editing and am posting here so I can just automate copying and pasting a link to people who make statements like “You…

Guns and Hawgz: The Road To Freedom


If all men are created equal, how are some men fit to rule others yet the others are unfit to rule themselves? And just who determines that fitness? On July 12th people from across the country, that may have never met each other before, came…

Libertarian gets 8 stitches after fight with progressive


Breaking news in the fight against injustice, and a great example of when words go too far and logical fallacies prevail in seemingly civil discussions, Michael W. Dean, co-host of the Freedom Feens radio show, ended up with 8 stitches after fighting over politics with…

New York State offers LITERALLY 30 pieces of silver to turn in your neighbor. (Plus, new kitty photos!)


By Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feens The Bible states that Judas Iscariot was paid 30 pieces of silver to sell out Jesus to the cops and soldiers who killed him. New York State is offering “people” $500 to turn in their neighbors for having full-capacity…

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