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A Generation of Sociopaths. Review.


Rather crude cover design wouldn’t you say? A little while ago I wrote an article I am not all that proud of. Essentially it was my grumbling about intergenerational stresses viewed through a stressed prism. It didn’t come out as coherent and logical as I…

Technological paths not taken, the potential of Thorium


I used to be a militant socialist, environmentalist, a big believer in the idea of the Archaic Revival and anti nuclear. The power of deductive reasoning granted to me by the Trivium Method enlightened me that socialism, especially my particularly vicious flavor of it, was…

What’s more effective than voting? Just about everything!


      I gotta be honest with ya folks, I really can’t wait till the current (s)election cycle is over. My tolerance level for bullshit is pretty low to begin with, but this year it has fallen to zero. I’m tired of both intelligent…

Hilary’s America, my take.


Who are you? That might seem like an awfully odd way to start a movie review, but what is the answer to that question. To quote Tyler Durden, “you are not your job, you are not how much money you have in the bank.” I…

Chapter 12. Tell it to the Lizards.


Immediately following the raid on Viamanys the Eutopian’s started work on a new combat android. The Euoth-Rehberg type 23. Combat android development had been stagnant for the past few decades. No one was dumb enough to sell them to Earth governments and no one else…

Sig 220 Elite in 10MM. What dreams are made of.


Let me get one thing out of the way first. I am a big fan of the 10MM Auto pistol cartridge! As far as I am concerned it is the pinnacle of autopistol cartridge design. One of my early attempts at a novel had entirely…

Chapter 9. The lion shows its teeth.


A few days went by as the fleet sited anxiously for some kind of an effective plan to move ahead. Once he was satisfied with the performance of the copied web-way keys Drakous packed up and headed back to Earth. He was ill suited to…

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