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A Galaxy Gone Mad. My second novel.


I haven’t been writing here all that much lately. This is one of the reasons why. Enjoy. Chapter one. Awaken Chopped strawberries in vanilla yogurt. As I opened my eyes that morning I could taste it. Simply wonderful. Just the right texture, smooth, slightly tangy…

This week’s epiphany


I’m sure a lot of you have heard the mid-week podcast with Max Borders and MWD. This episode was a particularly great one for me, as it really broke down some subjects I hadn’t really delved into quite yet. I may dive in a bit…

Thoughts on collapse


Collapse is something that weighs heavily on the mind that contemplates it. Curiously there are minds who do not contemplate this inevitability, or at least they claim not to. These people go through their lives in a state of mind that is beyond me, focusing…

Wyoming Web cams


No, these aren’t porn sites, they’re outdoor cameras broadcasting the wonders of Wyoming. List is taken from a gub’mint website, but of course, the gub’mint website is out of date, and many of their web cam links are 404. So I went through them and…

Keep Your Gun Laws Off My Body (bumper sticker design)


Click for larger image. Please share. Feel free to print bumper stickers or any stickers or anything, and share. –Michael W. Dean

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