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Freedom Feens iPhone app – ready for use before it’s even on the iTunes store.


It will take a month for us to get this on the iTunes store, but it’s passed testing with a bunch of people and you can install it now if you want. Go here: It will ask you to trust the untrusted app (because…

How to allow your iPhone to run the beta of the Freedom Feens iPhone app


Worms! (This is directions for IOS9. For 9.3.5 through any version of IOS10, same, except, use  Settings > General > Device Management. The “profile” bit got changed.) 1) Open the URL from the other post on your iPhone Safari Browser 2) Click the Launch button…

Chapter 17. Gangsterwaffen.


We burst out of the web-way portal not too far from Orizocio in a standard attack formation. General Mitchell’s cruisers fired first, going after the primary industrial city. They advanced to the ragged edge of planetary plasma fire range and commenced their railgun bombardment. It…

Hilary’s America, my take.


Who are you? That might seem like an awfully odd way to start a movie review, but what is the answer to that question. To quote Tyler Durden, “you are not your job, you are not how much money you have in the bank.” I…

Translate the Cell 411 radio / podcast ad into your language


Cell 411 is a game changer. It’s an app that helps remove the demand for government monopolies, and is much safer than calling 911. Get it here. We made a radio ad for Cell 411 that we’re playing for free on the Freedom Feens radio…

Freedom Feens Android App, v1.2 is out! It’s a libertarian re-education camp in your pocket!


Free on here Google Play (please rate and review!) Freedom Feens Android App, v1.2 is out! Update now! Adds MWD’s music and Claire Wofle’s book “RATS: Your guide to protecting yourself against snitches, informers, informants, agents provocateurs, narcs, finks, and similar vermin.”  

Freedom Feens Android App 1.0 is up on Amazon. Free!


Get it HERE: Review it and tell two friends! And tweet and pass it on and all that! =-==-=– It will be up on the Google Play store next week. That takes longer than Amazon. Here’s the radio ad I’m having Dianna record for…

Feen the Homeless – Please donate


These digital MP3 players and the SD card for them cost ten bucks each. We have 30 of them. And some Feen radios. I’ve loaded each of these MP3 players with the last 100 episodes of the Freedom Feens. They will make a cold winter…

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