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So, what really happened during World War Two?


I have been told that the writing on this poster roughly translates as “the care of this man costs 60,000 reichmarks a year. Fellow citizen, that is your money too.” As I have reflected many times I am an avid student of history. There is…

Michael W. Dean on Open-Source Licenses and Operating System Choice for programmers


This is a 21-minute audio essay culled out of a two-hour live Freedom Feens radio show. I took the time to do the editing and am posting here so I can just automate copying and pasting a link to people who make statements like “You…

Some punk rock from 1985 with me on Guitar – Beef People, Charlottesville, VA punk rock


“Pavlov’s Dog” by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Move It”, by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Lots”, by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Living in a Gas Chamber”, by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Industrial Jelly”, by…

How to build an AR and enrage people part three. Let the rage flow!


  The last time I was in Lovelock Nevada I went shooting with a fellow named Ron. A mutual friend had invited us out to a gun show. The show was a disaster, only a quarter of the expected sellers showed up but more unpleasantness…

The last gun, a statist viewpoint


The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic. — H.L. Mencken Those who regularly read this blog might be thinking right now, “who the heck is Tom Diaz and…

What are the thoughts you do not dare to think?


Serious question, what are the things that you actively try not to think about? Not because such thoughts don’t interest you, or are too obscure, but because they scare you. If one has a completely voluntarist mindset these thoughts are likely of a highly aggressive…

Hot Mic, comin’ through! MWD self-pix with RE-20 microphone, doing a Freedom Feens show


Because, you know, the NSA needs a good photo of my new scar. Plus, these make great wallpaper for today’s modern freedom fighter or aspiring media producers.

Libertarian gets 8 stitches after fight with progressive


Breaking news in the fight against injustice, and a great example of when words go too far and logical fallacies prevail in seemingly civil discussions, Michael W. Dean, co-host of the Freedom Feens radio show, ended up with 8 stitches after fighting over politics with…

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