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Chapter 13. Home, not quite how I left it.


After getting back to Ristavron 4 I thought it would be wise to take Big Blue back to Earth. Missile stocks and railgun rounds were getting low and food stocks were awfully thin, even though I had brought three cargo ships loaded with all manner…

Do NOT listen to my old podcast from 2006


            You must be 21 at least, but that’s probably too young. Maybe 35? 40? TRIGGER WARNING: SLAPPY SEX. Here is a three-minute excerpt of my first podcast, from 2006, Submission and Coffee. We did 187 episodes. Do not listen…

Share torrents of every episode of Ben Stone’s Bad Quaker podcast!


So, a few archives of Ben’s episodes have been shared on the Freedom Feens torrent link here and there. But now that Ben has retired his podcast for good, the Freedom Feens torrent master Sean DuVally has undertaken the task of putting ALL of Ben’s…

MP3 of Freedom Feens show intro song “Lucy In The Sky With Desi” by Bomb


People keep asking me for this. The song that opens every Freedom Feens radio show now is “Lucy In The Sky With Desi” from our 1989 12-inch EP Happy All The Time (Boner Records). Get the MP3 HERE. There’s a longish intro before it kicks…

Some punk rock from 1985 with me on Guitar – Beef People, Charlottesville, VA punk rock


“Pavlov’s Dog” by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Move It”, by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Lots”, by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Living in a Gas Chamber”, by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Industrial Jelly”, by…

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