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Sig 220 Elite in 10MM. What dreams are made of.


Let me get one thing out of the way first. I am a big fan of the 10MM Auto pistol cartridge! As far as I am concerned it is the pinnacle of autopistol cartridge design. One of my early attempts at a novel had entirely…

Kyle Bennett’s AMAZING article debunking criticisms of BitCoin


Reprinted without permission from Bad Quaker Dot Com. “Killer” Criticisms of Bitcoin That Are Really Just Flesh Wounds by Kyle Bennett on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 11:00pm Bitcoin is experimental, there’s no doubt about it.  As such, it is prone to unknowns, and unknown…

Neema Vedadi launches new TV news empire


Neema Vedadi launches new TV news empire…It’s called Angry Peasant Podcasting company, and it’s a subsidiary of the Freedom Feens new Angry Peasant Media Empire. When Neema was about to leave his day job being a mouthpiece of horizontal enforcement for NBC and ABC TV…



 When the sun rises I end up going about my monotonous routine of work and school. This cycle has been mostly constant since the age of 16. Though as I wake up now I tend to feel a black hole . I’m not free and…

How to Do Encrypted, Off-The-Record Instant Messenger With Pidgin


Written by Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feen. Most screenshots by Aida_Aida. Tech testing and proofreading by Link Porterfield/QPG, amifreetogo, feendaveoh, Adam Witthauer and Skippy. The Freedom Feens recently wrote and published an extensive and kick-ass tutorial on setting up encrypted e-mail, here. However, e-mail isn’t…

Licking The Envelope (An easy guide on how to use PGP ENCRYPTED E-MAIL)


–A collaborative tutorial by freedom feens Link Porterfield, Adam Witthauer and Michael W. Dean. Tech checked and improved by Randall Perry and Randy Jasky. This is PART ONE in an ongoing series on the Freedom Feens Blog on easy computer security for honest people who…

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