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The races of A Galaxy Gone Mad.


You can’t have a story about war without an enemy. So let’s start with the primary antagonists of A Galaxy Gone Mad, The Drankmastarain Empire. This evil interplanetary empire is based on an idea that I have had rattling around in my head for awhile….

Chapter 32. Mark 33


As Task Force V returned to the Ristavron system in triumph I was met with some good news. A plan had been worked out to conclude operation Canned Sunshine. The cage around the star would be reconfigured from an energy containment device to an energy…

Chapter 31. Endgame.


In early October 1936 it looked like a large enemy fleet was forming in a remote star system for a major offensive. At first I wanted to scramble my task force to intercept them. Then I realized that they were going to come to us….

A little background information


Seeing as how we are all about instruction here at the Feens. I figured that I would give some insight as to my thought process and scientific background of A Galaxy Gone Mad. First of all I would like to say that in spite of…

Chapter 13, See the heat


Later on in the week I was on the telephone arguing with a supplier, he absolutely refused to supply chemicals we needed at a reasonable cost. It had been an unpleasant surprise to find out just how much of an outflow of cash we had….

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