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When trying to solve problems creates bigger problems, or. The fallacy of technology worship.


Why do people demand the impossible? Because that is a big part of what drives humanity forward! Wishing for the impossible is an inevitable consequence of the human condition. If it wasn’t for imagination, determination, our intelligence and ability to use tools better than any…

Technological paths not taken, the potential of Thorium


I used to be a militant socialist, environmentalist, a big believer in the idea of the Archaic Revival and anti nuclear. The power of deductive reasoning granted to me by the Trivium Method enlightened me that socialism, especially my particularly vicious flavor of it, was…

Notes on modern handgun design. Or, why you should consider the Grand Power pistol.


Image from The Probability Broach graphic novel from Big Head Press Since the end of the assault weapons ban handgun design has been going fairly steadily in one direction. That direction is to create a thousand different variants of the Glock 19. This are good…

Chapter 29. What would you like to know?


The lost Russian battleship sent to investigate The Horde. Aurora and her missing admiral were back in the picture, this was serious shit. I stood up as quickly as I could and stated that I had to go. My compatriots nodded, they recognized the circumstances….

Chapter 28. The Glory of Light.


With the Sagaglog system secured I started to catch up with task force Alpha on their hunt for Admiral Buchloren. Intelligence on enemy assets was becoming ever more spotty. The clear evidence of crisp high definition color pictures. Radar scans and three dimensional topographical information…

Chapter 26. Release the Cosmos.


Following The incident on planet Catriea I had my assets separate from the ECF. Buchloren’s knowledge of Dufour being in command of the ECF had led me to suspect that there might be leaks in their organization. These suspicions turned into something bigger when me…

Freedom Feens iPhone app – ready for use before it’s even on the iTunes store.


It will take a month for us to get this on the iTunes store, but it’s passed testing with a bunch of people and you can install it now if you want. Go here: It will ask you to trust the untrusted app (because…

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