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Why I Left Facebook, and where to find me online


I’ve always thought it was pathetic when people scream “I’m leaving Facebook!”….or MySpace, or however far you want to take it back….I even saw this before the World Wide Web, on newsgroups, in 1990. But it’s only pathetic when people’s reasons for leaving are the…

School shootings? I blame the State.


People wonder “How the hell could someone go shoot a bunch of kids?” Other than mental illness, I blame the public schools for teaching every kid that “Everyone’s a winner!” People grow up and find out that life isn’t fair, that not everyone wins, that…

Merry Grinchmas Freedom Feens radio ad


Get MP3 HERE. Here’s a short grinchy holiday ad for the Feens. Feel free to use anywhere (there’s a WAV file link at the bottom if you’d prefer that to MP3, it sounds better.) Ad copy: Admit it. You hate shopping for Christmas. You do….

Humans have split into two sub-species: Homo Sapiens Parasitis, and Homo Sapiens Libertas.


Homo Sapiens has evolved/devolved into two distinct sub-species: Homo Sapiens Libertas, and Homo Sapiens Parasitis. Homo Sapiens Parasitis wants to rule or be ruled, and for them, central planning is innately normal, even though it will eventually cause their extinction. Homo Sapiens Libertas are humans…

WAR!!!! What Is It Good For?


  If you don’t love war… you must hate ‘murica. Friend of the Feens, Ben from Bad Quaker has done a series on the wars in US history. Here is that series all in one spot. You can hear about the lies that spawned these horrible…

Peaceful Streets project-Houston


The Peaceful Streets Project is a volunteer, grassroots undertaking uniting Houstonians behind the common goal of ending the institutional violence taking place on Houston streets. Through organizing, training, and direct action tactics, the Peaceful Streets Project seeks to support marginalized communities in understanding, exercising, and…

PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST happens a little more each time you seed the Freedom Feens’ media.


If Freedom Feens torrents can get Israel and Arabs to agree on something, we’re doing better than any government. Where’s OUR Nobel Peace Prize? You should SEED the FEENS for WORLD PEACE! (By the way, when I interviewed Hubert Selby Jr, he said the Cold…

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