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Ya Boy Comrex!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Micronation of Nestlandia, including the foreign consulate diplomat Neema Vedadi from the nation of The Anarchic Ordergarchy of Vedadistanski (Neema possesses an honorary Juris Doctorate from Nestlandia’s respected university, CAT U), have finally acquired a Comrex Bric-Link unit to further our…

Wyoming Web cams


No, these aren’t porn sites, they’re outdoor cameras broadcasting the wonders of Wyoming. List is taken from a gub’mint website, but of course, the gub’mint website is out of date, and many of their web cam links are 404. So I went through them and…

Neema’s Nifty Ambient Track “Amby”


The other day during the Freedom Feens Agenda live show, I had to take a very important phone call related to RADIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Neema Vedadi killed some time until I got back by playing an ambient music track he created a few years ago. The response…

Doom Squirrels!


If you are a firearms enthusiast like I am you are probably irritated by the current environment. Countless thousands of people who were only peripherally interested in firearms, or perhaps not interested at all are descending on anyplace which sells small arms. The last time…

Atomic Clocks, bitches!


Neema and I keep synced for live radioooooooo! with La Crosse Technology WT-8005U-S Atomic Digital Wall Clocks (a bargain at $20 each!) They are safe, and contain no atomic material. They have a radio receiver that syncs up with national atomic clock servers elsewhere. Michael’s…

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