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Photos of the room I sound conditioned in Los Angeles


Today on the Freedom Feens Neema and I talked about the difference between sound conditioning and sound proofing. I mentioned that I had done both to a room in our old house in Los Angeles, using carpet remnants and plywood. (This is an old post,…

Time to rely on the individual and not the “experts”


          America’s Bubble Economy Is Going To Become An Economic Black Hole       Keynesian economics, and central planning….what a dangerous mix.  While most Americans are focused on celebrity gossip or the latest “scandal” in D.C. the federal reserve has…

Libertarian gets 8 stitches after fight with progressive


Breaking news in the fight against injustice, and a great example of when words go too far and logical fallacies prevail in seemingly civil discussions, Michael W. Dean, co-host of the Freedom Feens radio show, ended up with 8 stitches after fighting over politics with…

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