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French translation of a chapter of Michael Dean’s “A User’s Manual for the Human Experience.”


Got a very cool e-mail today. A guy named Jay, who lives on the border between France, Luxembourg and Belgium, told me he had translated chapter 3 of my libertarian self-help / time management book A User’s Manual for the Human Experience. (Someone also translated…

Timothy Leary predicting chromed robot turds (and a lot more) in 1983


President Richard Nixon once described Leary as “the most dangerous man in America” I can’t believe how few views this has, like 150 views or something. Timothy Leary talking in 1983 about libertarianism, handheld computers, stupidity of authority, having his head frozen after death,  helping…

We’ve located the Central Scrutinizer Internet-spying location (maybe)


Click on the image above, and look at the location where someone has viewed the Freedom Feens site 160 times. It’s marked “APO. Armed Forces Europe, Middle East & Canada”, and it’s at a location off Western Africa where THERE IS NO ISLAND. A ship…

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