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What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. — Ralph Waldo Emerson. Some of the most interesting conversationalists I have ever met are war veterans. For most of my life they have been around me…

MWD’s latest on Talkers magazine: Permanent Sound Conditioning in Three Hours for $250


By Michael W. Dean The Freedom Feens Genesis Communications Network Co-Host                     Driver’s seat in final studio design CASPER, Wyoming — In my August 1st TALKERS article “Quick-and-Dirty Three-Minute Sound Conditioning,” I showed you how to…

Chapter 2, notes on the punitive expedition.


When the news came that Thomas Edison had created weapons and ships capable of fighting the Martians on our terms I was among the first to seek him out to assist in the constructions of whatever weapons he needed. I figured that I had nothing…

The willful ignorance, it burns! or We are all draftees in the FSA


Time is a fire in which we all burn, I forget where I heard that. I disagree, time can be a problem, no doubt but I think ignorance is the fire in which we all burn. In the area where I live this has become…

Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest


It all started with a couple of people sitting around saying, “We should go camping this summer.” That was in the beginning of the year. Then the idea came about to turn this into a group event. An event was created on Facebook that brought together…

Worlds set free.


A follow up to Garrett Putman Serviss’s Edison’s conquest of mars. Warning, this story is not what one would call G rated, contains violence, sexual situations and a man being killed with a flying toilet. Reader discretion is advised. Chapter 1 chaos reigned The 19th…

The triumph of ennui, stagnation in the aerospace industrial complex.


Last night I had the strangest dream, that I went for a nice little jog with the bad Quaker and a fighter ace from the Korean War era. This dream was odd for several reasons, the biggest being that I have been told that mr…

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