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Chapter 6, A land of green pastures.


Later that day I grabbed my daughter and and we took the Knapp out to England. I had a standing invitation to visit with Eric Mandrake, one of the preeminent experts on the Martian invasion. We had met during the preparations for the punitive expedition,…

“A Five-Dollar Ground Tester Can Save Your Life” – Michael Dean’s latest article on Talkers magazine


A Five-Dollar Ground Tester Can Save Your Life TALKERS | September 24, 2013 By Michael W. Dean Genesis Communications Network Co-Host, The Freedom Feens “Fuzzy” guards the ground tester and protects it from interlopers Live fast, die old of natural causes Improperly grounded outlets can…

Freedom Feens Buttons Sale – 10 for price of 5, through Halloween!


That’s right, any button orders between now and October 31st (Hallow-Feen, or “All Hallow’s Feen” or “Feen-o-ween”) will receive ten buttons for ten dollars postpaid within the USA ($16 ppd to Canada), instead of the usual five for ten dollars. You’ll get two buttons each…

Chapter 5 A world beyond imagination.


We stayed on Ceres, known to the locals as Eutopos for a month, we took copious notes of everything. Their technology ran mainly on energy derived from the sun and the gases hydrogen and methane. Although some of their energy came from a source that…

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