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Electronic Frontier Foundation PSA for your podcast or radio show


By Michael W. Dean Co-Host, The Freedom Feens radio show, on Genesis Communications Network Article originally printed in Talkers magazine. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, or EFF, is a non-profit that has taken to the courts to fight the good fight in the digital world since…

Chapter 11, Germany unbound


While reaction and progress had been fighting it out here in the US and Germany the French, English and a couple of other smaller European governments were expanding into the solar system. The reason why the large Eutopian delegation was here was to open up…

It always goes too far, why the aggression principle doesn’t work


Never underestimate the importance of first principles, integrity, honor, critical thinking and the nonaggression principle. Or for that matter the AGGRESSION principle. Among those who subscribe to the aggression principle I believe they tell themselves 2 basic lies and one horrifying truth. The first lie…

Freedom Feens ringtone – Look What Obama’s Done to You Today


Download free ringtone HERE, it’s a 45-second loop of Michael’s new jingle “Look What Obama’s Done to You Today”, made for the new segment of the same name on the Feens radio show. Michael W. Dean: guitar and vocal DJ Dean: vocal

Chapter 10, Venus lives.


I arrived on the planet with Harding about six months after his departure. We landed on the planet with the Wellington and its crew although Pierce decided to stay on earth. The trip was more typical interplanetary boredom although having Boudicca along for the trip…

The Heidelberg Tun: Market Distortion


By feen guest blogger David Smith I recently took a trip to Germany with my wife and amongst other cities stayed a couple of days in Heidelberg. It’s got a charming altstadt, or “old city” where modern stores and conveniences have moved in but the…

Chapter 9 How dare you steal my ideas!


David Graves, our humble anarchist had started his own company and built a dozen radio stations all over the eastern United States which broadcasted a constant stream of music and information to the ever increasing numbers of radio receivers across the country. This was a…

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