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Ben Stone (Bad Quaker) and Michael Dean (Freedom Feens) Talking in the Late Afternoon


Not many people notice that everything Ben Stone and Michael Dean record is done very early in the day. That’s because they both tend to “sundown” and get a little less sharp as the day goes on. Since this is a teaching hospital, here’s a…

Property rights, and tales of the jack wagons who ignore them.


Every French grammar school student used to learn the story of the vase of Soissons, a beautiful object robbed from a church by the franks in war against the Gauls. The chief Clovis wanted to return it, by way of giving pleasure to a Christian…

Very nifty piece about the Freedom Feens in today’s Talkers magazine


by Michael Harrison, Talkers magazine: The Joy of Hearing One’s Syndicated Show in One’s Home Market.  In this era of remote broadcasting and crowded competition, it is not uncommon in talk radio for a syndicated talk show host to be without an affiliate in the market in which he or she actually…

Vintage Telefunken 12AX7 Tube Review – MWD’s latest on Talkers magazine


The transition in audio production from analog to digital over the past couple decades has been a boon for radio. No more splicing tape, and no more finding the right tape or piece of tape. And don’t get me started on those dreaded carts. I’m…

Freedom Feens Paternity leave schedule for Neema Vedadi fill-in hosts


So Neema’s wife Jessica is going to have their baby (whee!) in early December. Neema’s still going to do the live radio show on Saturdays, and probably most of the Wednesday shows, but he’s going to take off two months of Sundays to have some…

What are the thoughts you do not dare to think?


Serious question, what are the things that you actively try not to think about? Not because such thoughts don’t interest you, or are too obscure, but because they scare you. If one has a completely voluntarist mindset these thoughts are likely of a highly aggressive…

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