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Vostok watches, a voluntarist analysis and review.


Isn’t capitalism great? I am fully aware that most of what we have in the world now is what one should call crapatalism. An unwieldy mess of subsidies, taxes, tariffs, threats and other acts of violence. But when humans are allowed a little breathing room…

Double feature, The Wolf of Wall Street and Zeitgeist, moving forward


On the face of it, could there be a more ridiculous combination of movies could there be than these two? Well, I watched them both recently and I think they go together surprisingly well. Though combined they take up nearly six hours of film. Although…

Review: The Incredibly Good (and Affordable) Audio-Technica AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic Mic


Originally published on Talkers magazine, January 7, 2014 By Michael W. Dean The Freedom Feens Genesis Communications Network Co-Host CASPER, WY — Remember that toy advertised on TV in the 1970s called “Mr. Microphone?” It was a cheap plastic mic with a built-in low-power FM…

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