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A Feen fan thinks I’m foolhardy for being charitable


I got an e-mail today from a guy who has donated fairly regularly to MWD-related freedom projects over the years: “I kind of want to help you out and give you a hug for all your hard work. And service to this great nation of…

Help Ben Stone, AND win a microphone – from The Freedom Feens and Michael Dean After Dark


Ben Stone at last year’s Porcfest. Ben is third from the right in this photo. We’re trying to get Ben Stone to Porcfest. You can help, AND win a microphone. Ben is a great guy, a wonderful liberty podcast host on Ian Freeman’s (Free Talk…

Adaptive programming for the human mind


I have been percolating on this article for an absurdly long time. It has gone through more permutations and modifications than the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But I have decided that the time has come for me to publish my opinion on this after having…



  This is seconds before I told Jeffrey Tucker he is the world’s first “Blockstrian Economist” Blockstrian Economists = A term Bitcoined by Neema Vedadi for Austrian economists who understand  the revolutionary significance of the blockchain. Those who practice Blockstrian Economics. If you’d like to share just…

An allegory of black helicopters. Or werewolves n things.


“Mr Diaz seems to suggest that Hassan was an utterly unremarkable specimen. A grumbling, sad, but otherwise harmless officer of the US army. With no obvious access to any weapon more dangerous than a butter knife. Until one day he went into a gun store…

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