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Pix of the lightning strike damage in our yard


Vertical stripe down our tree where lightning blew the bark off: DJ and I were watching a movie today in my room. It had been raining, but the rain had mostly stopped. There was no wind, it was still a little cloudy and drizzly, but…

Simple trick for using Torrent RSS with Feens (or anything)


The Freedom Feens have a torrent RSS feed that lets you keep us drone proof. But I learned a trick today to help it work better. I’ll be adding this info into the existing tutorial, here. ENABLE DHT (These directions are for the program ruTorrent,…

Get the cool Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table MWD ordered to help his back


The best $120 I ever spent. Get the cool Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table MWD ordered to help his back. It’s out of stock, but this one is cheaper and has over 1000 great reviews. I love this thing. It really helped my back…

How to build an AR and enrage people part three. Let the rage flow!


  The last time I was in Lovelock Nevada I went shooting with a fellow named Ron. A mutual friend had invited us out to a gun show. The show was a disaster, only a quarter of the expected sellers showed up but more unpleasantness…

Transcendence, feh! A discourse on transhumanism.


“Man is certainly stark mad; he cannot make a flea, and yet he will be making gods by dozens.” Michel de Montaigne This analysis is rated S for super spoilers. This is not a review. If you want my opinion and nothing else then here…

Free Talk Live and Free Keene now have dot-bit mirror sites!


Free Talk Live, the preeminent syndicated liberty radio show, has added a dot-bit mirror, so you can still access the site in case some cranky government control freak ever seizes their domain. Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live’s site Free Keene also has a dot-bit…

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