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Zastava PAP part 2 Upgrades or Upgrayedds?


“go through the rigamarole of having it registered as a Short Barrel Rifle. In the event of Lib-Par emerging I will definitely add a stock to it.” From part one of this article. Well, lib-par hasn’t emerged yet, but I think we are getting there….

Conservative tries to link Las Vegas cop shootings to Freedom Feens film “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom”


Well-known and long-running cranky old loon Cliff Kincaid tried to connect the Freedom Feens’ film Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom with the recent cop killings in Las Vegas. In a June 11, 2014 article entitled “Cop-killer was a Pothead” on the ironically named…

Free Ringtones of Mark Edge’s cuss meltdown on Free Talk Live


. Ian and Mark liked that I said I made this my ringtone, and Ian asked me to make it available to share. 60-second MP3. Get it HERE. That’s pretty much the uncut version that went out on air. Alternate version, 60-second loop of what…

….and Yes! We’re broadcasting this message into space!


Bernie from the UK wrote me and asked me about the Freedom Feens 10-second liner I made that says “You’re listening to the Freedom Feens, and yes, we’re broadcasting this message into space.” AM radio reaches into space. So does the satellite transmitters that transmit…

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