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MP3 of Freedom Feens show intro song “Lucy In The Sky With Desi” by Bomb


People keep asking me for this. The song that opens every Freedom Feens radio show now is “Lucy In The Sky With Desi” from our 1989 12-inch EP Happy All The Time (Boner Records). Get the MP3 HERE. There’s a longish intro before it kicks…

Listen to the Freedom Feens naked!


Feens uber-fan Josh Horowitz posted here that he listens to the Feens naked in the shower, and installed the above speaker to do it. I asked for a pic and the model number. You too can listen to the Feens and start your day by getting…

Some punk rock from 1985 with me on Guitar – Beef People, Charlottesville, VA punk rock


“Pavlov’s Dog” by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Move It”, by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Lots”, by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Living in a Gas Chamber”, by the Beef People. MP3 is HERE. “Industrial Jelly”, by…

$36 standing computer desk to reduce back pain and raise your energy level


Get off your lazy butt, you computer potato! If you’ve listened to the Freedom Feens for any length of time, you know I complain about back pain. I did get this inversion therapy table, which helped a bit. I’ve also been walking a bit on…

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