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A Proposal for Actually Solving Decentralized DNS


A Proposal for Solving Decentralized DNS I was trying to take a nap before my Freedom Feens radio show tonight. I do that often. I nap an hour or so, then get up and slam coffee and I’m raring to go. But as I was…

Senator Paul comes to Reno.


There is a specter haunting the United States. The specter of big government. However by now it’s not so much a specter, more like an invincible juggernaut. Among those who attempt to fight against the system there are few more well known at the moment…

FeenPhone source code on GitHub, + a new, better version of FeenPhone


FeenPhone Source Code Now on GitHub Finally, we’re ready to share it. It’s HERE. It’s open source, licensed BSD 3-clause. Non-Windows Developer Protocol Guide and block diagram coming soon. If you want to make a non-Windows version of FeenPhone, or a product derived from our…

Michael W. Dean on Open-Source Licenses and Operating System Choice for programmers


This is a 21-minute audio essay culled out of a two-hour live Freedom Feens radio show. I took the time to do the editing and am posting here so I can just automate copying and pasting a link to people who make statements like “You…

Understanding yourself to understand the world. Or refusing to play silly little games.


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein As more than a few people have noted, the business of liberty finds itself absorbed with conflict against the business of tyranny. Day in and day out we…

If you’ve had errors with our torrent RSS feed


Vaclav found an error that’s been there since the start. On this page: and on the re-post on the Feens blog, I forgot to include the space in the on-page link for the feed. (it was right in the HTML hyperlink, but not the…

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