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The Lost Motherfucking 1997 Michael W. Dean song “Golden Gate Bridge”


The Lost Motherfucking Michael W. Dean song. Band: Strychnine Blotter Party Song: Golden Gate Bridge. Words, music (including guitar part), melodies, Michael W. Dean. Recorded on 8-track quarter-inch tape in some small moldy dank windowless rehearsal studio in San Francisco in 1997. (Maybe 250 Napoleon…

Get the kick-ass new whole-home HEPA filter unit I just got


                Get the kick-ass new whole-home HEPA filter I just got. $650 bucks, but how much is your health worth? Grab the Airpura R600 HERE. Works great, you can FEEL the air being fresher within minutes of turning…

Do NOT listen to my old podcast from 2006


            You must be 21 at least, but that’s probably too young. Maybe 35? 40? TRIGGER WARNING: SLAPPY SEX. Here is a three-minute excerpt of my first podcast, from 2006, Submission and Coffee. We did 187 episodes. Do not listen…

How to build an AR-15 and enrage people part V. The final insult?


Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve other problems. Rene Descartes. So, when we left off in part 4.44 I mentioned that I had more leftover parts after I completed my Grendel project than I had when I started….

Double feature. Once Were Warriors and Atlas Shrugged part Three


Please pardon my French subtitles, but this is the best trailer for this film I have seen so far. I was born in New Zealand, now when one hears about this country what do you think of? Well, what do you think of if you…

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