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Chapter Two. Big Blue.


“I am at Havana airport, I came down here to do a show. There’s corpses all over the place, I think I am going to puke. Please, I don’t know what’s happening but I need your help, you need to get down here with everything…

Ironing the creases out of your BipCot flag


(Part one of an ongoing series, “The BipCot Flag Code Explained.”) The flags the Freedom Feens have available now as part of a recent partnership with are great, and very reasonably priced (Get them HERE). However, they do have folds in them after making…

A Galaxy Gone Mad. My second novel.


I haven’t been writing here all that much lately. This is one of the reasons why. Enjoy. Chapter one. Awaken Chopped strawberries in vanilla yogurt. As I opened my eyes that morning I could taste it. Simply wonderful. Just the right texture, smooth, slightly tangy…

Meme contest. WIN A BipCot black & yellow 3×5 foot flag!


  WIN A BipCot black & yellow 3×5 foot flag! Meme contest! OK, this is a cool one y’all. To enter: grab the pic of Steven Zeiler without text, add text, and upload here (or put on Twitter with the hashtag #PurpleGloveFlagContest ). I’ve included…

Translate the Cell 411 radio / podcast ad into your language


Cell 411 is a game changer. It’s an app that helps remove the demand for government monopolies, and is much safer than calling 911. Get it here. We made a radio ad for Cell 411 that we’re playing for free on the Freedom Feens radio…

Sister shows of the Freedom Feens


Shows run by Feens co-hosts and fellow travelers: Anarcho-Yakitalism podcast (Nick Hazelton) Lolberts (Jim Jesus) Bad Quaker (Ben Stone, retired, but all the great episodes still up): RadioBarraLibre (En Español) (Hugo Gonzalez Monteverde) Seeds of Liberty (Jeremy Heisenburglar) Dangerous History Podcast (Feens friend Prof CJ) The…

Replace your office chair arm pads, not the whole chair


I have an office chair I’ve had for about seven years. It’s still in pretty good shape, except the arm rests were trashed. I didn’t think to take a pic before replacing them, but the plastic had gotten hard and cracked. This exposed the metal…

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