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Chapter 7. Damn that’s big.


After a fortnight of searching the ruins of The Cores Rhodesian compound, Patrick Diehl was officially declared dead by the German government. I came back from my vacation to see German bureaucrats waiting for me to unlock his apartment in hangar 47A. He had set…

Chapter 6. Trapped by M.C. Escher.


After months of planning and acquiring weapons. I felt somewhat confident that I had a plan to deal with the Core. The Germans had their own plans for dealing with her. Mr Diehl told me that they were going to get their last battleship out…

Chapter five. The apotheosis of dr Drakous. Or shaking the iron hand


Kensho from Aaron Paradox on Vimeo. Mars. I didn’t like coming to Mars. The trip there took a little longer than it should have. The planet was out of the optimal position for a trip from Earth. The Perseus continued on its mission, off to…

Chapter four, A Crown of Worms.


This operation had to be as discreet as possible. So I discussed the matter with the crew of the Perseus. I was going to need their help to prevent this becoming a gigantic operation and a potential war triggering international incident. The captain of the…

Jeremy’s First Feens’ Post – Freedom Feens Radio


(This is a WordPress test, not an actual Feens episode.  If this were a real Feens episode, your BipStrongs would have started vibrating already.) Jeremy and Michael discuss worms, WordPress, and murder dogs.  Michael schools Jeremy on how to WordPress right, and hilarity ensues.  We…

Jeremy’s first Feens post – Freedom Feens radio


Jeremy and Michael talk about worms. blagh blah blayh blah. THIS IS ONLY A WORD PRESS TEST, NOT A REAL EPISODE. The Freedom Feens Android App. A libertarian re-education camp in your pocket! Free! Please rate & review. Freedom Feens Donate links: PayPal: BTC:…

Chapter three. Confusion and clarity. Or Chocolate, Cognac and Cocaine


Days then weeks ticked by. Work continued on the Vietnamese mining ship, though the pace of the work remained painfully slow. The finest minds on my payroll couldn’t crack the strength to weight to power problem. I grew so frustrated that I called the conglomerate…

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