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Chapter 10. Operation Fireball


Two web-way transits from Poorsovt was the biggest strong point in this area of space. The Ristavron system. With two orbital shipyards, dozens of defensive satellites and at least four enemy battleships guarding it. With my fleets current advantage in weaponry I figured that it…

Bad-audio podcast from some people who used to be in the Freedom Feens


OK, I’m not actually firing anyone over this, but I’m SERIOUSLY embarrassed for y’all. The audio on this aftershow is SO HORRIBLE that you should all be physically removed, so to speak. Have I taught you NOTHING? And I actually did some audio fluffing and…

Chapter 9. The lion shows its teeth.


A few days went by as the fleet sited anxiously for some kind of an effective plan to move ahead. Once he was satisfied with the performance of the copied web-way keys Drakous packed up and headed back to Earth. He was ill suited to…

You have your orders


The last few months things had been going fairly well for me. Then things started going pear shaped. I have a pretty serious looking problem with my car. A few other niggling issues. Then I had a nightmare, first one I had in years. I…

A little background information


Seeing as how we are all about instruction here at the Feens. I figured that I would give some insight as to my thought process and scientific background of A Galaxy Gone Mad. First of all I would like to say that in spite of…

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