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Making a monster. How the state corrupted me.


More than just a smidgeon of evil. Let me tell you another tale of my childhood. Of the environment that turned me from a wide eyed foreigner amazed with the potential of a country like the United States. To a militant socialist who fantasized daily…

Chapter 15. Goolaprap.


The Goolaprap system was kind of odd. One inhabitable planet orbiting a blue star. No other planets, no asteroid belts. Very little debris, or gas, it was almost like the whole area had been swept clean by some incomprehensibly powerful force. Goolaprap was a rather…

Chapter 14. Trample the weak, hurdle the walrus.


After initial contact with Earth and its allies armed forces had gone so disastrously for the Drankmastarian Empire they had pulled back into a defensive posture. They had outright abandoning several star systems to us. Evidence suggested that they had been irritated by the Horde….

Chapter 13. Home, not quite how I left it.


After getting back to Ristavron 4 I thought it would be wise to take Big Blue back to Earth. Missile stocks and railgun rounds were getting low and food stocks were awfully thin, even though I had brought three cargo ships loaded with all manner…

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