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Chapter 19. Naval Gazing. Or Eagles Swim!


Montana was still laid up for repairs. Now the Holstein was on the blocks in Ristavron four’s improvised ground based shipyard. The English Navy had to send most of their ships back to Earth for maintenance and R&R for their crews. Having depleted almost every…

Gun Bloggers rendezvous XI, observations on competition


The first part of September is usually a busy time for me. This year was no exception. Busy but fun excepting an ongoing legal issue which threatens both my finances and my very sanity. I attended the eleventh annual Gun Bloggers Rendezvous and the fifty…

Chapter 18. Different worlds, in can form.


Later that day I escorted Sasha to the Auxiliary Fleets primary base. While the various national and corporate fleets had made themselves comfortable in various parts of the main launch facility the AF made their home in a commandeered stadium clear on the other side…

Chapter 17. Gangsterwaffen.


We burst out of the web-way portal not too far from Orizocio in a standard attack formation. General Mitchell’s cruisers fired first, going after the primary industrial city. They advanced to the ragged edge of planetary plasma fire range and commenced their railgun bombardment. It…

What’s more effective than voting? Just about everything!


      I gotta be honest with ya folks, I really can’t wait till the current (s)election cycle is over. My tolerance level for bullshit is pretty low to begin with, but this year it has fallen to zero. I’m tired of both intelligent…

Chapter 16. Deals rather left undone.


With the capture of the Calixes system one enemy Capitol system remained. The planet Durga in the Fritaris system. It was not going to be an easy target. The Fritaris system was up a blind alley of the web-way system. Before you got to that…

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