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Chapter 24. A hard job made harder.


Not long after that ill thought out raid I received information that would be vital to the hunt for admiral Buchloren. I arranged to meet up with the two Aurora class Russian battleships that had decided not to go with admiral Sikorsky to investigate the…

Chapter 23. Back to work.


So I was back in the war, as per usual I would not be going alone. The Russians were sending their newest ships. Three Aurora class battleships under the command of a new admiral who had made a pretty good name for himself, Alexander Sikorsky….

Chapter 22. Summer vacation.


I had been gone for two years. Things changed almost beyond recognition when I had been gone for six months. I was pleasantly surprised to see that things weren’t too much different. The factory was still humming. Although most of the ships parked there were…

Freedom Feens iPhone app – ready for use before it’s even on the iTunes store.


It will take a month for us to get this on the iTunes store, but it’s passed testing with a bunch of people and you can install it now if you want. Go here: It will ask you to trust the untrusted app (because…

Chapter 21. Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen.


Celebrations went on for days. There was probably a really wild party going on back on Earth. Once I got all of my business in the Durga system ironed out I summoned Harding. He had been out on the ragged edge of known space with…

How to allow your iPhone to run the beta of the Freedom Feens iPhone app


Worms! (This is directions for IOS9. For 9.3.5 through any version of IOS10, same, except, use  Settings > General > Device Management. The “profile” bit got changed.) 1) Open the URL from the other post on your iPhone Safari Browser 2) Click the Launch button…

Chapter 20 Tearing the heart out of the sun.


The battle of the Durga system was something that no one wanted to leave to chance. The entire allied fleet contributed the bulk of their assets to this mission. Reconnaissance indicated that the imperials had put everything they had into defending their final Capitol. Once…

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