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Cash Newmann’s solution to choking down spoonfulls of herbal supplements


Tired of eating tablespoons of green powder? Get 500 largish gelatin “000” size capsules for $16: IF YOU PREFER THE VEGETARIAN VERSION, THEY’RE HERE.   And get this $23 capsule maker (directions on box):   Do not use for Kratom, or Colloidal Uranium Enemas or…

Notes on modern handgun design. Or, why you should consider the Grand Power pistol.


Image from The Probability Broach graphic novel from Big Head Press Since the end of the assault weapons ban handgun design has been going fairly steadily in one direction. That direction is to create a thousand different variants of the Glock 19. This are good…

Best book on keeping your Bitcoin secure


If you want to know how to keep Bitcoin secure, and pretty much everything about Bitcoin, get this book: Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies by andreas antonopoulos. First bunch of chapters are a great intro even if you know nothing. Quickly gets into easy but…

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